How to thread needle by hand

How to thread needle by hand

All of the people like to buy good quality dress with different designs. To make these dresses to attract the other people, the designers and tailors need do many things. For this they can use their efficient time and put more efforts for every design. Some of them are use different varieties of machines for designing. In rural areas the tailors and designers use their hand as a main mania for the designing. To make these designs familiar they use different types of strategies and use varieties of materials and stitch them through the needle. This article gives efficient information about how to thread the needle by your hand and how to stitch these designs in easiest way.

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How to thread the needle by hand:

To thread the needle first you have to hold the needle between your thumb and index finger and you have to hold it until you note the tip of the needle. If you see the tip of the needle then you can thread that needle by your hand. It is the easiest way compare to thread the needle. Most of the person’s use this type of threading and it can also improve the vision power. Instead of using needle threader you can easily thread the needle by your hand. Here are the best tips to thread the needle by your hand.

Take proper needle for your thread: You know that the needles can come with different shapes and sizes. First you have to find and buy the proper needle; you can buy different sizes of needle in a single pack and choose the suitable one. If you have anything about the threading of that needle then you can clear it from the salesperson.

Cut the correct length of thread: A thread piece has more than 39 inches i.e. 91cm. For the small size of stitching you only need a minimum amount of thread then you can cut the required level. If you want to stitch the maximum size of cloth then you can take the large size of thread. For this if you take minimum thread then you have to attach the required length of thread again and it will take more time to complete the process.

To avoid this, first you have to select the required length of thread before going to thread the needle. Cutting the thread with 45 degree angle by using a sharp scissors then it will be very useful to thread the needle by your hand.

To insert the needle you have to follow the above steps which will tell you how you can insert the thread into the needle. If you follow those steps then you can easily thread the needle by your hand.

After that you have to fold the end of the thread to put the not. This not at the end of the thread will help you to maintain the thread inside the needle throughout the stitching. If the thread leaves the needle before the stitching process is completed then it will make the designing process tough and improve the time span of your work.


If you thread the needle by your hand will improve your eye vision and it is also the easiest way to complete the process compare to the use of needle threader. So you can use your hand to do the very basic things and improve the usage of your body organs to avoid some of the problems in the body.

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