Tremendous information about sewing machine features

Tremendous information about sewing machine features

About sewing machine:

Sewing machine is also used to stitch the clothes or any other materials and its quiet easy to use. Now a day’s most of the kids are use this sewing machine because they are really interested in sews. This kind of the sewing machine is available in online with the lowest price but you must consider about the certain factor like features, brand and size.

Top 10 Features of sewing machines:

Whether you are planning to purchase your first sewing machine then you must know about that machines features .Every sewing machine should have certain features and if you want a best quality sewing machine you must consider this following feature because a quality sewing machine must have these features which includes

  • Automatic needle threader –it’s a hook and spring operation then it forces the thread into hole of the needle.
  • Four build in stitches– a quality sewing machine is also equipped with three or four build in stitches and it has straight stitch, zigzag stitch, backstitch and button stitch.
  • Optimum power control– It provides the precise piercing power when sewing the multiple layers then this piercing power is same of the sewing speed.
  • Needle down-It will allow you to place the needle in both two positions like down or up. Based on your desire people can choose the excellent needle position.
  • One step buttonholer– There are so many buttonholers are available in sewing machines but this one step buttonholer is creates the perfect buttonhole. Many machines are offered several types of buttonholes and it also depending on the fabric choice.
  • Lightweight– If you are a beginner to buy this sewing machine you have to take your machine to sewing classes and if you choose the light weight machine it’s the better choice. Consumers are also considers the sewing machine weight because if the machine is in light weight it’s very easy to handle.
  • Stitch quality– Stitches are in many types like straight stitch, zigzag stitch and etc… The quality of the stitch is very important so that you must consider this stitch quality.
  • Pressure foot– It’s also very important then check the machine it allows you to adjust the pressure on pressure foot in machine. You have to determine that how tight the fabric is held and it’s fully in your control. Mainly check that how many pressure feet come with the machine and then a multipurpose foot is the best choice because it allows you to do the straight stitch and zigzag stitches.
  • Free arm-The sewing machine was also equipped with this free arm and it always located in the bottom of the machine. A free arm provides a versatility to sew several styles of clothing and it allows you to circular areas and stitch small then it’s found in armholes and cups.
  • Load bobbin– It is a small wheel and it found in under of the needle plate in machine then it reduces your work time and produces the less hassle.


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If you look to buy a sewing machine then you must check the above features are available in that machine because it’s very important. These sewing machines are really helpful to you and if you order this sewing machine in online you must check the quality of the brand and then buy it.

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